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How Do Online Vape Shops Verify Age - Vaping Worse Than Smoking

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How Do Online Vape Shops Verify Age

Age Policy - Element VapeNew Online Age Verification requirements for online vape ...Age Verification for Online Vaping Shops Explained - Vaping360Age Verification - The Vape MallPolicies - Age Verification Policy - Mister-E-LiquidThe Age Verification service we are using, AgeMatch provided by Veratad, uses multiple trusted public record databases to verify your age and identity based on the information you submit. This age verification service is designed to validate and protect your identity while adhering to the highest standards of consumer privacy while processing online transactions.How To Start A Vape Shop Online [A Complete Guide]Jan 21, 2018 · Online Vape Shops That Don’t Require Age Verification. Hi, I’m new to vaping. About to order my first mod (VooPoo Drag), I really want to find an online vape shop that doesn’t ID.There's no ID Check on vape shops online? : VapingOnline Vape Shops That Don’t Require Age Verification ...Age Verification As of 8/8/16 Age verification is required by the FDA for vape/ecig related transactions. All verification is done by a third party before your order is shipped.Age Verification - Vape Craft INCAll the shops online I deal with for juice you have to verify your age etc. plus in most cases if you have a credit card usually you’re over 18. It’s not illegal for a teenager to buy a mod. It’s the juice that is illegal.Age Verification for Vape Shops | Vape MentorsVeratad compares your information against government databases to verify you are of legal age in your state to purchase vape products. If we cannot verify your age, we will still receive your order, but you will be required to email a copy of government issued identification that proves you are of legal age.Mister-E-Liquid is dedicated to making sure our products are only sold and shipped to individuals of legal age for the use of nicotine. Also, certain state regulations currently mandate the use of third party age verification during the purchase process for electronic cigarettes and e-liquid.Apparently, vape shops have gotten the message, and are taking the mandate to check ID’s seriously. That’s the good news. There is no perfect way to avoid selling to minors, but there are good ones.The FDA requires vape shops to card anyone that appears under the age of 27. You have two options for your vape shop: ID Authentication and Age Verification apps. There is only one app (Intellicheck) that actually authenticates an ID.Age Verification. To place an order, users must provide the full legal name, permanent address, date of birth, and the last four digits of their social security number. This information is automatically verified by a third-party software and cross-referenced with public records to confirm that the purchaser is at least 21 years of age.

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